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Beauty Treatments


Eyebrow shape10.00
Eyebrow tint11.00
Eyelash tint16.00
Lash and brow tint20.00
Lash lift &tint 44.00
Brow shape with lash and brow tint25.00
  • A patch test is required 24 hours before tinting or lash lift treatment. Book online.

Roll On Clean & Easy Waxing System.

Made from natural pine resin and bees wax. Contains no added chemicals.

One of the most hygienic ways of waxing with no cross contaimnation.

Brow wax (orb system)11.00
Full leg27.00
Half leg ~ ankle to knee18.00
Half leg ~ knee to thigh19.00
Full leg & bikini36.00
Bikini (extended)19.00
Lip or chin (orb system)9.00
Lip and chin (orb system)14.00
Lip and brow (orb system)16.00
Facial wax (side jaws, lip and chin) 22.00
Wax Package
Half leg, bikini, underarm and brow

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